Laser Hair Removal

13We use two different lasers to perform our laser hair removal:

♦The GentleLASE – an Alexandrite laser that is used to remove unwanted hair on those individuals with lighter skin and dark hair. The GentleLASE has been used for years and has great results.

♦The Palomar Starlux – using the R or Y hand piece, this device can be used on lighter skin pigment or darker pigment with the R hand piece. This machine performs a quicker treatment, due to its larger hand piece, with an effective outcome.

With either laser, it usually takes 6-8 treatments to achieve the best hair reduction. Treatments are spaced anywhere from 4-12 weeks apart depending on what site is being treated. You would want to come in for your appointment shaved in the areas you wish to have treated. It is important to not tweeze, wax, or pluck at least two weeks prior to your treatment. After your treatment, it usually takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks for the dead hairs to push out of the follicle. You will be hair free for a short time, and then you will return for your next treatment at the appropriate time.

Please warn us of ANY new health concerns or if you have had any sun/tanning bed exposure since your last treatment