Weight Loss

3Being overweight can influence your health and lifespan. There are multitudes of weight loss programs available across the country. Most are fad diets promising unheard of results with little or no effort. Others offer “magic” solutions, drinks, pills and other methods which all promise amazing results. The truth is many of these fad diets and “magic” solution diets do provide weight loss results, but the wrong type of weight loss – water and muscle weight. And the results are temporary and over 90% of the people that experience the weight loss results will gain back the weight they lost plus more.

So what makes us different? Our multidisciplinary approach is what makes us unique. The first thing we do at Uptown Wellness Center is find out “why” you are overweight. We use specialized diagnostic tests and protocols to determine the cause. Once we determine the “why”, our professionals work with you to understand your goals. Once your goals are discussed, together we will select a program that best suits your needs. You will receive specific instructions regarding meals, snacks, beverages, supplements, and medications (if prescribed), etc. Our professionals spent much time in selecting the best tasting, yet most effective snacks, drinks and supplements available. Our products are only available to the public through a health care provider.

Our new program at Uptown Wellness Center is a unique, medically managed weight loss program like no other. Please take a look at our program by clicking the menu items on the right. We are certain that once you have finished reviewing our web site, you will find that our program is the perfect solution for you.